Inkibabinki Grid Pear Cushion

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grid pear4.png

Inkibabinki Grid Pear Cushion

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This Grid Pear Cushion is a great addition to any modern and unisex nursery or kids bedroom...or even for adults. Not only it looks good, it's also soft to touch and hug, making it the best companion for your little ones.

It is handmade in Melbourne, Australia and is made of 100% medium-weight cotton fabric, polar fleece and cushion infill.

Please note that each product may vary slightly due to the handmade nature.

Dimension: 270 mm x 400 mm
Material: 100% medium-weight cotton fabric, polar fleece, and cushion infill
Handmade in Melbourne, Australia

Inkibabinki is a Melbourne-based label. It was founded by an interior architect, Indri Gunawan, who started the label after the birth of her daughter. Inkibabinki is all about being fun and fresh with the emphasise on children's comfort and minimalist design.
Their aim is to engage with children's imagination through simple, recognisable geometry.


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